Making wine is a way of life

The philosophy of wine is a way of being, a set of values that influences each individual choice in a responsible way. Wine is a cultural product. The wines of Tenuta di Artimino are the result of the work of a team of people who invest time and energy from the vineyard to the cellar, up to promotion. The theme of sustainability in wine, both environmental and economic, guides us and is our beacon for the future. The environment is our most precious asset, the one we want to leave even more beautiful to future generations. Meanwhile, Tradition is our starting point: the teachings of the old farmers, the traditions of wine in Tuscany, ancient and artisan practices are integrated with the new production innovations and technologies available to us today. Each bottle of wine from Tenuta di Artimino connects the history of the Medici estate to a vision of the wine of the future.

We believe in sustainability in the world of wine, in clean and precise agriculture
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The Tuscan tradition is our guide. We treasure its precious teachings
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Respect for the landscape, both for our vineyards and for our 18,000 olive trees
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