People are the real heart of the Tenuta di Artimino. From work in the vineyard, to the cellar, from logistics to promotion, every phase of the work is possible thanks to a team of experienced and capable people. And this is the case both inside and outside the estate. Among our suppliers, agents and importers, everyone is first and foremost a dear friend who shares our philosophy, goals and values?. Up to our customers, our most important asset and the reason we exist.

This is why we make sure that each of our wines is above all healthy and secure. That each cork is as resistant as possible. That every delivery takes place in the shortest possible time.That each experience meets the expectations of those who come to visit us.

The People behind our Bottles

Annabella Pascale
CEO and General Manager

‘I am part of the Donna del Vino-Women in Wine association and vice president of The Tuscan Chapter of the Italian Wine Tourism Association: I believe in teamwork’

Francesco Spotorno Olmo

‘We have a great responsibility towards history and the territory’

Filippo Paoletti

‘The task of the winemaker ? Accompanying nature, without ever distorting it ‘

Alessandro Matteoli

‘Attention and care in the vineyard with a view to sustainability’

Fabrizio Gherardini
Commercial Director

‘ We want to make Artimino’s wines known all over the world ‘

Claudia Cataldo
Marketing Manager

‘There are stories that deserve to be told. Like ours’

The agronomist

We have opted for a type of agriculture that is as sustainable and reasonable as possible with respect to consumers and the environment: precision farming, integrated, zero residue. At the moment we do not have the organic certification but our work has been going in that direction for years. Wine is made, first of all, in the vineyard – we must not forget this. For this reason we intervene as little as possible in the vineyard, we do not apply chemical weed control, and we choose methods of cultivation and clones which give quality and a voice to the territory and its characteristics. They are technical and production choices, and above all ethical: the soil and the vines are the most precious things there are for a winery like ours; this is why it is necessary to work with patience, understanding and respect.

The oenologist

Wines of quality can only come through a close collaboration between those who take care of the vineyards and those who manage the winery – in this the Artimino Estate is, without a doubt, exemplary. Only with excellent grapes you can aspire to produce superb wines. Then it is crucial that every single grape variety is vinified and refined in the appropriate way; there is no precise prescription: following tradition we try to enhance the value of each grape, its smell and its distinctive features. My job is to accompany the wine to maturity, helping it to express itself and to reveal the value of its typical characteristics. Anyone who knows me knows that I intensely love Sangiovese: this grape has a fundamental role in Carmignano, along with Cabernet, discreet but always present companion.

Filippo Paoletti

Work with us