The olive groves in Tuscany are a valuable part of our heritage.. The landscape of the Tuscan countryside is woven with olive trees and vineyards. It is our deep responsibility to protect it and keep it intact for future generations, but also for the visual enjoyment of those who live here and those who join us for a holiday immersed in nature. In our 732 hectares there are vineyards, olive groves and woodlands, all valuable for the protection of the ecosystem.

The landscape we have in Artimino is like a classic Tuscan postcard, with small lakes, vineyards, olive trees, farmhouses and parish churches. Every view is picture perfect.

Let’s start from the medieval village of Artimino: an ancient Etruscan settlement, today it preserves its medieval structure, the walls and the tower. Inside there are restaurants and historic shops, but also 60 of our apartments where you can stay to experience the relaxed atmosphere of a country town. Near the village we find the church of San Leonardo, dating back to 1100.

Then there are the farmhouses, such as that of Poggilarca, which dominates the vineyard that bears its name. Without forgetting Villa Medici La Ferdinanda, which from the highest hill watches over the Tenuta di Artimino.

In our vineyards there are still some remains of the wall that surrounded the Barco Reale, the hunting reserve of the Medici family, which is said to have contained rare and famed animals inside. You can see an ancient access door, where once there was the stone sign, now preserved in the Villa, which prohibited access to the reserve to those who were not authorized.