Homage to Giuseppe Olmo

80 years since its hour distance record

The founder’s magnum bottle includes his Cycling Hour Distance Record, 45.090 Km in one hour. 80 years after this important milestone, the Olmo family and the whole Olmo Group wanted to honor this special achievement, with a bottle in an elegant wooden box dedicated to Gepin, but also to all athletes – and in particular cycling enthusiasts – in the world.

The Hour Distance Record

It was in 1935 when at the Vigorelli Velodrome Giuseppe Olmo set the Cycling Hour Distance Record on the track. This historic feat in 1935 was just one of many successes in his career. On a rainy afternoon he established his new record with 45.090 kilometers cycled in one hour, the first in history to surpass the 45 km mark.

Giuseppe Olmo

Ingenuity and foresight: these traits marked the founder of the Olmo Group, Gepin. Giuseppe Olmo was one of the most famous cyclists of the 1930s. His history is the lifeblood of our company: it represents our roots but also the values  we believe in. His successes and his tenacity are what drives us even today in every business choice. The bottle celebrating the Hour Record represents a milestone for us. For this reason we have included it in our lineup since 2015, making it always available for friends and customers. A magnum from Carmignano Riserva, designed to be uncorked on special occasions.

300 anni

Special bottles

It was 1935 when Giuseppe Olmo set the Cycling Hour Distance Record on the track at the Vigorelli Velodrome. To mark the eightieth anniversary, the Olmo family and the Olmo Group (of which Artimino is a part) wanted to remember Gepin - as the great cyclist was fondly called - with a limited edition magnum of Grumarello. It was he who purchased the estate in the 1980s, driven by his forward-looking awareness that the beauty of the area is timeless.

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