300 years of Carmignano

One of the oldest wines in the world

A celebratory bottle, a numbered limited edition, to celebrate the 300 years of Carmignano. It was 1716 when Cosimo III de Medici wrote the famous edict which established the production boundaries of this acclaimed wine, recognizing its value and importance. Carmignano was also a wine “able to travel” given its longevity, and therefore already exported abroad. When the time came to celebrate this important anniversary in 2016, we wanted to do it in the best way, with a nod to the past but also looking to the future.

The label of Wessel Huisman

The label project was designed by the internationally renowned artist Wessel Huisman, an artist who had already exhibited at Artimino on the occasion of the Artimino Contemporanea exhibition. His interest in history, his study of the past but also of the present, his decomposition of light into a sort of time travel, had conquered us. The label is made of canvas. Each piece is sewn and affixed by hand on the bottle. The work is kept in the Villa: it was purchased by the Olmo family during the auction held on the occasion of the anniversary.

The auction

We wanted to create a project that in addition to celebrating the history of the area could also be of help to our community. So we organized an auction of the artist’s sketches, the first 10 bottles and the master work. The proceeds raised were donated to charity in September 2016, for a pediatric project.

1716 bottles

A total of 1716 bottles were created. Each one is a small work of art, with a special shape reminiscent of ancient glass containers. The packaging, created in collaboration with the Ied Design studio, is an exclusive and unique packaging format. Inside there is a liter and a half of Grumarello 2012, our Carmignano Riserva Docg, one of the most important wines of our cellar and certainly a symbol of our history and of the link with the territory.

300 anni

Special bottles

In 2016 the Tenuta di Artimino and in general all of Tuscany celebrated the 300 years since the edict of Cosimo I de 'Medici, a sort of wine regulation ante litteram that as early as the eighteenth century sanctioned the importance of Carmignano wines. 1716 numbered bottles were created, with a canvas label created by the internationally renowned artist Wessel Huisman. The first ten were auctioned and the proceeds were donated to charity in September 2016.

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